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Lower Parts Kit (LPK) for Glock 17 – No Trigger

Parts included in this kit: Slide Release Lever (Maybe from polymer80 depending on inventory) Magazine Release Magazine Release Spring Slide Lock Slide Lock Spring Standard Connector Trigger Housing Assembly (Maybe from Polymer80 depending on inventory) Trigger Housing Pin Locking Block Pin Trigger Pin Trigger Spring

Lone Wolf Spectre Lower Parts Kit P80 Full Size

Everything To Complete Your Custom-Built Glock Pistol The Lone Wolf Poly80 Spectre Completion Kit for Glocks contains all the parts necessary to complete the lower portion of your custom build. Easy to install, the Lone Wolf Poly80 Spectre Completion Kit for Glock provides reliable, optimum performance in your handgun. Glock trigger with trigger bar 6 …

Glock 22 Lower Parts Kit

The kit includes all the necessary Gen 3 lower parts for a functional frameGet all your hard-to-find replacement parts in one handy kit! Also perfect for a Glock Armorer’s kit or spare parts. Features Complete frame parts kit for the Gen 3 Glock (does not include frame, locking block or magazine) Compatible with Polymer80 Frames …

Polymer80 Complete Lower Parts Kit


The Polymer80 PF-Series Full Pistol Frame Parts Kit is compatible with the PF940v2, PF940C, PF940SC frame assemblies. Giving the end user multiple options with one kit, Polymer80 has included two trigger shoe styles, curved and flat. Also, there are three options for the slide lock spring, compact, subcompact and full-size slide lock spring. No matter …